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African IMAX





That’s right, Kenya is among the only FOUR African countries to boast an IMAX theatre. And to be fair, South Africa shouldn’t even count since their theatre closed down and isn’t scheduled to reopen until November 2013.

The CRADLE of civilization right here — humans and their ability to wear ridiculous glasses and squeal at the technology that is THREE DEE.


Still cool, right?

I’ve now attempted to see 3 films at Nairobi’s very own IMAX theatre, located near the City Centre, on Mama Ngina Street.  Like some of the theatres I’ve visited in Uganda, this theatre also has the issue of film reels not always arriving when they’re meant to.

This theatre also has the odd distinction of being a 24 HOUR theatre — which might sometimes be really awesome for drunk people at 3am who really need someplace to go and have a craving for popcorn.  It also means that films that might be really awesome in IMAX 3D but not as popular as big action events — take for example the current battle between GRAVITY and THOR — are relegated to really awful showtimes.


I envision hot dogs sticking out of a cup of coffee

What? You don’t want to go to the theatre at 7am to see Gravity?  I don’t blame you. But having “morning” films does mean that you get the unique opportunity to have BREAKFAST of coffee and hot dog while watching the film.


It is likely preferable to some of their other offerings, which most notably include FLAVORED POPCORN.

I know everyone is all gaga about bacon, but seriously?  Stop.




The strangeness doesn’t really stop there, either… the place itself is lit a bit like a nightclub.  Last night when we went to see Thor 2, there was a live band playing in the lobby of the theatre throughout the film.

wpid-20131113_222723.jpgYou also get the addition of INTERNATIONAL films… like BOLLYWOOD action movies! I have no idea what happened in DHOOM 1 or DHOOM 2, but with a name like DHOOM 3 I’m pretty sure that I need to go and see this film, even if it is in Hindi.

Action? Adventure? Explosions? …SINGING!? Sign me up!

I am told by someone very smart that “Bollywood action films make Crank look like a calm film.”



And, like any proper movie theatre, at the side of the main IMAX theatre is a smaller theatre that is apparently the site of rap videos from the 1990’s.

Seriously, when we left Pacific Rim via the side door, there were old Biggie and Tupac videos playing on the screen there, a bar replete with neon runner lights, weird levels full of couches, and ladies booty tooching.

Maybe it’s a cultural difference? In a lot of theatres across Kenya you have to stand for the national anthem, and it shows before the previews with a low-resolution video of an undulating flag.


Of course, there are some things in theatres that never change.




The hot dogs look 300 years old and inedible











IMG_7585 The stairs to get to your seats are steep and of awkward height.











it’s a super place to go with friends.








Bottom line, we’re really lucky to have an IMAX theatre here in Kenya.

I can’t wait to see The Hobbit in its full format glory — and it’ll be here in BECEMBER!