Delaware French Fries

Mysteriously, there are a number of fooderies in Nairobi that advertise food that us Americans know have no connection to the states they boast.


On a single trip downtown, I saw both Nevada AND Tennessee Fish & Chips (clearly owned by the same company, or at least utilizing the same sign-maker) and MANHATTAN CHICKEN.  None of these States are particularly well-known for any of these types of cuisine, so I wonder where the association comes from?


What kinds of USA-foods have you seen broadcasted in Nairobi?

One thought on “Delaware French Fries

  1. ISTM that “[state] Fish & Chips” is a clever way of doing “La Palapa” / “La Palapa Too” / “La Palapa 3” that doesn’t look completely absurd once you have more than a few places. Clearly, the owner has big plans. 😉

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