Delaware French Fries

Mysteriously, there are a number of fooderies in Nairobi that advertise food that us Americans know have no connection to the states they boast.


On a single trip downtown, I saw both Nevada AND Tennessee Fish & Chips (clearly owned by the same company, or at least utilizing the same sign-maker) and MANHATTAN CHICKEN.  None of these States are particularly well-known for any of these types of cuisine, so I wonder where the association comes from?


What kinds of USA-foods have you seen broadcasted in Nairobi?

Son of Bad Chair


Lean back, yo

Many of you will remember some of my fond memories of my first week in the office, having been given a chair that had razor blades where armrests should go.


Ah yes, the Saga of Bad Chair was a classic tale of acclimating to a new environment without accidentally slitting one’s wrists, and I know you were all relieved when I informed you that Bad Chair had found a new home and a room with a view. 

I am pleased to report that now Bad Chair has made friends, a small alliance of office chairs that haven’t fit the bill but each bring to the table their own special characteristics.

As you see in the photo here, Bad Chair (in the back on the left) has befriended this poor crippled soul, who we’ll call Leany.

Leany is almost certainly the victim of the chocolate croissants in the downstairs cafe, coupled with someone’s overenthusiasm to push back from their desks and get the hell home.

Leany is working with what he’s got, though.  Bad Chair reports that, together in this haven for the broken, they are teaching one another how to Dougie. 



Leany won’t let you keep him down!

Important Updates!

In the spirit of trying to make things work, we gave Leany a chance.

It didn’t turn out well.